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This is just a little monitoring for some cloud providers. We check every provider once an hour and display the results here. Since a valid monitoring can only be trusted when the code is open source, you can find it on Github. Follow us on Twitter to get a daily summary about our results! Just follow @CloudMonNet!

Currently we have performed 543766 checks in this location since 11.03.2019 03:00 pm

Available locations: Germany New York Singapore

Response time of the servers list endpoint

Time between api call and first successfully ping (in seconds last 24 hours)

Informations about the monitoring

The server that runs the monitoring is located at the datacenter (Falkenstein) from Hetzner and is an instance of a Hetzner Cloud CX11 Server.

Instanced Definition

We start all servers with the default Ubuntu 18.04 image from the provider. Actually we don't test the performance of the servers, so we just use the cheapest ones.

We test only the performance of the api and the provision system.

When there is no value for a time, this could be an error from the provider or the creation was running longer than an hour.

Hetzner Cloud

On the Hetzner Cloud (Ceph or local Storage) we use the smallest available server, the cx11.


On DigitalOcean we use the smallest available server, the s-1vcpu-1gb.


On Linode we use the smallest available server, the Linode 1024.

Amazon Webservices

On AWS we use the smallest available server, the t2.nano.

Your provider isn't here?

Just write me a mail or create an issue on Github if you want a specific provider here.


If you need our data in any way, we have a little JSON API for you. Since it is just a really basic interface, currently we have only the link to the API:

Go to the API.
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Support us!

Would you like to support the development and operation of cloud-mon.net? We are an independent cloud service monitoring and have only limited funds. All collected amounts are 100% invested in the development, operation and the cloud-mon.net server created by the provider. You can see our calculation here.

Support us!
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